Can I eat or drink on an Eagle Transit vehicle?

No food or drinks are to be consumed while traveling on an Eagle Transit vehicle.

What is your limit of liability with regards to luggage and other passenger goods?

In the event of loss or damage to baggage and/or other passenger goods, Eagle Transit will not be liable for more than fifty dollars ($50) on any fare unless at the time of delivery of such baggage and/or goods to Eagle Transit the passenger will declare a greater value. In any event, no liability will ever exceed one and hundred fifty dollars ($150).  Eagle Transit is not responsible for your luggage when inadvertently picked up by another passenger.

The airline has delayed the delivery of my luggage. Will the bus wait while I make a baggage claim?

Please check with the bus driver before proceeding to the airline kiosk. Bus will not wait for luggage claims to be made if there are schedule conflicts that may mean another passenger misses their connecting transportation.

I’ve arrived at the Sandspit Airport. Where do I find Eagle Transit?

Once you have retrieved your luggage please proceed directly to the bus located outside the Arrivals Door. Departure is usually immediate.

What is excess luggage?

Luggage in excess of two pieces per passenger or having a combined weight of more than 50 kilograms is subject to additional fees (minimum $5 per item).

All kayaks, bicycles and like objects or second wheelchairs subject to minimum additional charge of $10 and are transported space provided. No charge for strollers or car seats.

Excess or overweight luggage subject to additional fees (minimum $5 per item) and is transported on space available basis.

No additional charge for excess luggage when travel

ling by taxi.

I have a bicycle, can you accomodate this?

Providing the passenger is traveling at the same time, all kayaks, bicycles and like objects or second wheelchairs subject to minimum additional charge of $10 and are transported if space available. Reservations recommended.

Kayaks, bicycles and like objects, wheelchairs traveling as cargo (no passenger traveling) are subject to regular delivery rates and are transported if space available.

Bicycles and bicycle trailers must be completely enclosed in box or plastic bag and ready for loading when bus or taxi arrives. Bicycles and bicycle trailers not completely enclosed in box or bag will not be transported.

No additional charge for a bicycle when traveling by taxi.


Can I travel with my pet?

Pets are allowed providing they travel in an approved kennel.

Kennels (empty or not) transported on space available basis with minimum charge of $5 and maximum charge of $35 depending on overall size.

Passengers traveling with pets are advised to reserve in advance. Kennel is stored in cargo area.

No additional charge for a kennel when traveling by taxi.

I have a medical appointment in Terrace, can I make a reservation with Eagle Transit for travel on the NH Connections bus for service on mainland BC?

Passengers traveling to or from Prince Rupert and other areas in British Columbia via NH Connections should call 1-888-647-4997 to reserve. Additional information about the NH Connections program can be found at

I’m travelling for a medical appointment, what do I need to do to qualify for the medical rate on the NH Connections Haida Gwaii service?

Advance reservation is required.

Passengers who are traveling for a medical appointment or procedure at a Northern Health Authority facility are extended a reduced fare providing they complete an NHA Appointment Verification Form provided by the Eagle Transit driver at the time of travel.

Passengers can bring a companion (age 18+) on the trip at the medical rate if required for medical reasons or for minors who must travel with an adult. A companion can provide support while a patient is traveling and help them get to their appointment.

Passengers who do not meet the requirements for the medical fare will be charged the regular fare.

Are there any fare discounts available for travel by transit?

Sandspit Airport Shuttle: there are discounts for children, BC Seniors, those who pay their own ferry costs, and groups of four or more who prepay their fare in advance.  Please refer to Transit Services>Sandspit Airport Shuttle>Fares.

NH Connections Haida Gwaii: there is a fare reduction for those travelling for medical purposes to a Northern Health Authority facility, children and seniors.  Please refer to Transit Services>NH Connections Haida Gwaii>Fares.